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Hi, My name is Dinesh Balaji, a Game Developer based in Chennai, specializing in Gameplay Progamming for PC and Mobile games.
Graduated from Sathyabama University majoring Computer Science, Post graduation from Icat Design and Media College majoring Game Technology.
Creating groundbreaking games and experiences that impact our gaming culture is my passion. I also do Web Design, Visual Effects and Photography.
These days I work at Immertive, Hyderabad as Game Developer.

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About Me

I love developing games as well as playing them. I always wanted to make high quality AAA games. Recently owned an Oculus Rift, now working on a Indie VR game. I always keep my knowledge updated in terms of new technology. I'm always ready to talk tech, so if you are into it ping me anytime.

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My Skills

I develop most of my games using Unity Engine and Unreal Engine. I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create assets for my 2D games. I use Adobe After Effects to create Videos and Trailers for my games.

My Games

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Unreal Engine

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